Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Recover SD card files on Mac

recover sd card
SD card is very commonly used in many electronic products, such as mobile phone and digital camera, to save more data (contacts, images and videos). With its wide usage among so many people, the data loss accident happens frequently.  It sounds terrible, but this kind of accident does happen because of virus invasion or human improper operation. Thus, it brings serious image loss to users. What can users do to recover deleted sd card files on Mac?

If users just delete files from SD card on mobile phone or on Mac, the deleted files can be seen neither in mobile phone nor Mac. But the deleted files stay undamaged in the place where they once located. But how to recover data deleted by using “Shift + Delete” and how to achieve data recovery from emptied Trash? Maybe, users will feel hard to finish such kind of data recovery.

Mac Data Recovery is our recommendation. It is especially designed for restoring data from Mac computer and many external devices, including mobile phone SD card. This software is suitable for data recovery from normal partition, lost partition and logically damaged partition. Here is a demonstration of sd card deleted data recovery on Mac.

Open the software and activate “Undelete Recovery” to initiate. Choose the SD card to scan the deleted data by clicking “Scan”. Select the files needing to be recovered and hit “Save” to specify a Mac drive to hold them. After finishing these steps, users can close the software and go to check the recovered files in the specified drive. And this is the end of the process of how to recover deleted sd card files on Mac.

Several Reasons for File Loss from Flash Drive
1. Careless deleting or formatting can cause data loss from the flash drive directly.
2. Virus infection also may lead to flash drive file loss.
3. Flash drive logical damage may bring about data inaccessibility.

Besides helping users recover deleted sd card files, Mac Data Recovery also allows users to recover data from lost and logically damaged partition. So, please don’t hesitate to download this best data recovery tool if you meet such kind of data loss.

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